Freud Cabinetmaker's Crosscut Blade LU73M, 14"

SKU: M412221 LU73M014
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M412221 LU73M014

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Freud   This heavy-duty crosscut blade is designed primarily for heavy use in a cabinetmaker’s shop. Combining a 10° hook angle and the alternate top bevel tooth grind, this blade provides a good crosscut and long cutting life in hardwood, softwood, plywood, and chipboard. The LU73M series is ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials most commonly used by cabinet makers in thicknesses from 1/2" to 2- 3/4" thick.

  • Premium TiCo™ HI-Density carbide crosscutting blend for maximum performance
  • Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) Tooth Design gives quality crosscuts
  • Precision Tensioning with computer controlled equipment keeps the blade flat & true while maximizing blade life & performance
  • Silver Ice Coating resists corrosion & pitch build-up

Ideal For: Heavy-Duty Crosscutting Blades Designed For The Industrial Cabinetmaker. Depth of cut (1/2" min to 2-3/4" max).
Machine Use: Slide Miter Saw, Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Portable Table Saw
Materials: Wood, Plywood, Chip Board & Laminates

Dia. 14"
Arbor 1"
Grind ATB
Teeth 84
Hook 10°
Plate .098"
Kerf .138"