Strawbees Pocket Of Ideas Kit

SKU: M866614 PFI-EN-V1
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M866614 PFI-EN-V1

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With over 100 challenges broken down into two levels of engagement, there are plenty of ways to stimulate your students' imaginations. The Inventor deck offers simple inspiration, while the Crazy Inventor deck has a story with a problem for students to solve.

Perfect for afterschool programs, libraries, Makerspaces, classrooms and more, students pick a card and create something in response by drawing or building with Strawbees or other available materials. They may end up building a new home for a pet fish, or creating a submarine as the solution to a story.

This deck can also be added to other Strawbees kits and used over and over again. Since there's no instructions provided, students have an open-ended prompt to develop problem-solving skills, see problems from a new perspective, and find ways to solve the challenges with multiple solutions.

Supports 25+ students of all ages.

Includes 105 cards and Strawbees Classroom Free Trial.


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