Strawbees Builders' Imagination Kit

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M866615 IM1-EN-V1

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This Imagination Kit lets students practice storytelling and problem-solving while having fun! Curriculum-aligned challenge cards come as two decks for different levels of engagement. The cards don't have any instructions, just a challenge, and students are the inventor of the solution! With over 100 challenge prompts, students can sketch their ideas, build a prototype, test it, reflect on the results, and redesign! This enhances their creative thinking skills to see a problem from a new perspective and find new ways to solve the challenge through multiple solutions. All materials are custom-made, durable, and reusable.

Ages: 6-14
Grades: K-12
Number of Students: 1-3

50 building straws 240mm blue
50 building straws 205mm green
60 building straws 112mm pink
72 building straws 80mm orange
42 building straws 48mm yellow
74 connectors 1-leg blue
40 connectors 2-leg yellow
50 connectors 3-leg green
26 connectors 5-leg red
16 clips
4 eyes with clips
eye sticker sheet
2 sneaker shoe
2 duck feet
Ideas Card Deck

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