Strawbees Inventor Kit

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M866602 INV-EN-V2
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Strawbees is an award-winning, light-weight, construction system for all ages. It is a kit based on simple units called Strawbees, that lets you connect straws to each other and build little to huge mechanical objects from just straws and cardboard. Strawbees believes playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world.

Strawbees partnered with world class educators that share their values, to co-create quality content and curriculums for classrooms to be used along with Strawbees. Since Strawbees curriculums are available in 5 levels: easy, medium, hard, expert and legendary, there's something for everyone. Strawbees is great stand alone, but gets even better with added technology which is why they have partnered up with some major educational electronics out there. It works as the mechanical output for LittleBits, Micro:Bit, Arduino, Quirkbot, MakeyMakey, RaspberryPi, LEGO and Vex, and greatly improves their applications. At Strawbees EDU, they believe that making, playing, testing and retrying is the way forward to making the world a more innovative place.

Time to go Pro – The Inventor kit is perfect for testing more advanced creations. It features 400 pieces, an instructions manual with 21 fun maker projects. Create a bird, a huge mechanical snake, or a replica of the pyramids of Giza. Enough pieces to start inventing really cool stuff or building with your friends.

Ages: 5+

250 Strawbees
150 straws (3 colors)
instruction manual with 21 fun maker project

LittleBits, Micro:Bit, Arduino, Quirkbot, MakeyMakey, RaspberryPi, LEGO and Vex, sold separately.