PodPi Adventures Kit Modules 0, 1, 2 & 3 for 6 Students

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M940507 MODULE-0-1-2-3-3
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The PodPi kits provide an immersive STEM learning experience in electronics and coding. Introduce your students to hands-on electronics and JavaScript programming with Arduino and the PodPi series of comic books. The combination of technology and literacy will engage teachers and students together in learning these critical skills in a new and exciting way. PodPi has replaced typical step by step instructions with contextual storytelling to promote critical thinking and problem solving – making it a truly engaging way to learn. In classrooms, students can learn on their own or can be paired to foster greater collaboration. PodPi provides near-time support to teachers through an online forum (public and private one-on-one sessions).

PodPi Adventures Kit combines the first four PodPi modules (M0 through M3) for many hours of learning. Each kit includes an Arduino board, USB cable, prototype shield with mini breadboard, a set of wires, LED, 10mm large RGB LEDs, resistors, buttons, potentiometer, sensors, servo motor, large breadboard and an 8x8 LED matrix. Each kit comes with 8 PodPi comic books (2 for each module). Each comic book provides 3-6 hours of lessons including experiments. Best suited for 4th-8th grades.

Module M0 - Getting Started with Arduino
Welcome to the Island of PodPi - A series of adventures in learning JavaScript and electronics. This first kit in the series will get you and your students everything you need to get started in learning with Arduino. This 3rd edition packs an Arduino board, some electronic components and Volume 0 of the PodPi series. It will help you get setup and on your way to blink your first LEDs and other lessons. Content: The module contains PodPi's own Arduino UNO compatible board (custom board by Captain Arghuino), a prototype shield, the first PodPi lesson book and, all the components necessary to complete the setup and the first set of lessons. Learn to connect LEDs and resistors and how to control them using JavaScript.

Module M0 Goals:

  • To introduce the students to story lead lessons rather than step-by-step
  • First Aha! moment when controlling an LED on lesson 1
  • Remove the fear of trying something new
  • Understanding the relationship between hardware and software interactions

Module M1 - To the Island
Continue the adventures with Captain Arghuino on his ship and learn how to use a potentiometer, a light sensor, a temperature sensor and a servo motor. At the end of the lessons, we challenge you to make a runway for Servo to take off.

Module M1 Goals:

  • Introducing simple experiments to ignite curiosity
  • Provide an overview of basic sensors and components used throughout PodPi
  • Control inputs and outputs through examples

Module M2 - Fireworks
It's time to celebrate your arrival on the island! Learn how LEDs and RGB LEDs work. Learn the reason behind using resistors with your LEDs. Solve the four challenges with the Pods to light up the fireworks at night. Content: LEDs, RGB LEDs, buttons, wires, mini solderless breadboard, potentiometer and temperature sensor.

M2 Module Goals:

  • Provide a solid understanding of components setup
  • Boost confidence with hands-on circuit building
  • Pattern recognition and learning to research solutions in previous books
  • Failure is part of the learning experience. The challenges can be hard to solve and will not work right away. Parents and educators should encourage the students to persevere.

Module M3 - Juggle with Matrix
Juggle with Matrix and her 64 LEDs. This kit ships with a 64 LED Matrix, wires and the 32 pages PodPi Volume 3. Learn how the I2C protocol works and make an electronic flipbook to impress your parents and friends. Contents: A 8x8 LEDs matrix with I2C interface, a set of wires and the Matrix sew-on badge.

M3 Module Goals:

  • Fun. This book is about making something fun and exciting
  • Patterns. Develop patterns and transcribe them into code
  • Creativity. Make an animated electronic flip-book
  • Basic understanding of communication protocols

Kit: 3 Kit for 6 students.

Each Kit Includes Arduino board, USB cable, prototype shield with mini breadboard, a set of wires, LEDs (and RGB), resistors, buttons, potentiometer, sensors, a servo motor, 8 PodPi comic books, 400 ties breadboard, new cables, additional resistors and LED, 10mm large RGB LEDs, buttons, sensors, 8x8 LED matrix and plastic case.


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