Fischertechnik Green Energy

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M406152 533022

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Energy from Wind, Water & Sun

Fischertechnik  This set allows students to explore the vitally important world of renewable energy, and helps them answer the question "how can ecological electric power be produced?". Production, storage and use of electricity from natural energy sources such as water, wind and the sun are graphically illustrated using various models and numerous experiments.

The Gold Cap included for power storage can release the stored power at a slower rate. This helps students to truly understand these energy forms of the future. This set also includes a fuel cell, so students can also learn, hands-on, how it works, and how it generates hydrogen. Recommended: 1 set per 2 students.

Contains over 380 components--including a reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage unit--for building 19 different models:

  • Hammer Mill
  • Water Turbine
  • Windmill with Pump
  • Windpower Station
  • Ventilating Fan
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Solar Bicycle Rider
  • Solar Ferris Wheel
  • Solar Vehicle 1
  • Solar Charging Station 1
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Solar Parking Barrier
  • Solar Tracking Station
  • Eco-House 1
  • Solar Station 2 Fuel Cell Vehicle
  • Solar Vehicle with 3 Solar Modules Enhnaced Eco-House
  • Solar Pump with Fuel Cell 

Also includes multi-language teaching & activity booklet, step-by-step assembly instructions, solar motor (2V), 3 solar modules (1V; 400 mA), Gold Cap power storage device, LED ON/OFF switch & storage box.