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Bring sophisticated interactive lighting to your home or office environment, wherever you need it.

The Light Up Board is a touch dim LED light on a super-thin and circular PCB, with six integrated white LEDs and six gold-plated sensor electrodes. With it you can choose between touch, dimmer or proximity interaction modes and no computer programming is required.

Use one to quickly add light in a difficult to reach spot, demo a lighting control concept, or prototype a design for an interactive lamp.

Six light modes and powered by Micro-USB
The Light Up Board is easy to use and is simple to integrate using our patent pending twist and lock method onto card or plastic, or stick it where you need it using double-sided tape, or adhesive. The Light Up Board also has a realistic candle light, spin and dice mode.  To expand your creative possibilities still further, you can combine a Light Up Board with Electric Paint and other conductive materials. The Light Up Board is Micro-USB-powered by most phone-chargers or power banks, so you can wire it up permanently, or why not make it portable to take on the road with you?

Like a Touch Board but for light
Bare Conductive’s Touch Board is well known for its easy to use capacitive touch sound capabilities and lots of you asked if we could do the same for light. The Light Up Board uses the same MPR121 capsense chip as the Touch Board and it has been pre-programmed for you. All you have to do it to choose the right mode for your touch dim LED light project.

What is Electric Paint?
Electric Paint was our very first product; a non-toxic, water and carbon-based paint. With it you can paint or screen print circuits and sensors, or use Electric Paint as a conductive adhesive on almost anything including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics.

How can I use it?
To choose between the different light modes, special combinations of the six gold-plated electrodes are connected before the power is turned on. You can find out which ones to use in our handy tutorial. Depending on the mode that you choose, the electrodes take on different behaviors like touch, proximity dimming, or rolling the dice.

Ready to integrate into your environment
The Light Up Board is super-thin, lightweight and flat on the back, making it easy to mount to most surfaces, using the twist and lock tabs, double-sided tape or adhesive. Fix it permanently, or keep it removable if you want to be able to reuse it.

Choose top quality light for your project
Every Light Up Board is assembled and tested in the UK, to ensure Bare Conductive’s high standards and to provide top quality interactive touch dim LED light for your project.

Powered by 6 LEDs
The Light Up Board has neutral-white, high quality and efficient Osram Duris LEDs, so you can color the light yourself with filters, or with colored materials.

Hack it
Shhh! We’re not shouting about it yet but if you’re a real electronics expert, you can hack into the Light Up Board’s ATmega88 microcontroller. The pins are broken out on the back of the board.

For ages 14+.

Dimensions: Approximately 45mm diameter and 3mm thick
Microcontroller: ATmega88
Capacitive touch sensor controller: MPR121
Power: Micro-USB
Electrodes: 6 x ENIG (Gold over Nickel)

Requires Micro-USB cable for power, not included.

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