Shop Fox 6-Piece Lathe Chisel Set

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M785723 D3783

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Longer ash handles give these chisels lots of leverage for great control. Each chisel handle measures 7-7/8" long and is contoured for a comfortable grip. They're 11-1/2" long overall including the HSS (high-speed steel) blades. HSS has been heat treated for hardness and wear resistance, which keeps a sharp edge longer than other carbon steels. All HSS chisels will require regular sharpening. Includes mfr.'s 1-year warranty.

  • 8” bench grinders are recommended to maintain the proper curve on the bevel. In addition to the grinder, diamond plates will help in honing the edge of your tools in between each sharpening.
  • The roughing gouge is one of the primary tools for wood turning. Usually the first chisel to be used, it quickly removes stock until the surface is a relative even diameter.
  • The skew chisel is beveled on the top and the bottom of the edge. The edge itself is skewed on an angle to the shaft. Skews are known for planing surfaces, cutting angled grooves, and cutting fine lines.
  • The 1/2" and 1/4" spindle gouges are known for fine shaping, especially beads and coves. The fingernail tip of the 1/4" gouge allows for smaller coves and beads with a tight radius. The 1/2" gouge will create larger shapes.
  • The parting tool can cover long sections of a cutting surface quickly. Known for reducing edges and clearing space before beads or bevels get cut in, they also are used to part off support pieces.

Blades: High Speed Steel
Handle length: 7-7/8"
Overall length: 11-1/2"

1/2" roughing gouge
1/2" skew chisel
1/2" spindle gouge
1/4" spindle gouge
1/8" parting tool
1/2" round scraper
aluminum carrying case