Ozobot OzoGoes To The Sun, Earth & Moon, 8-Pack

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M615118 035011-02

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The OzoGoes to the Sun, Earth, and Moon is an easy-to-use kit that teaches children important STEAM concepts. Designed to be incorporated into your classroom lessons, this kit is ready to go with creative and educational activities to encourage problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Students complete interactive, hands-on projects with real-world applications through easy-to-follow assembly guides and instructions.

  • Ready-to-go lessons, activities, and fact cards aligned with NGSS
  • QR code to access free digital STEAM Kit lessons in Ozobot Classroom
  • Activities support learning with and without a robot

One kit engages up to 3-4 students.
Qty: 8
Ages: 8+

8 sun stands
8 Earth stands
8 Moon stands
8 bamboo skewers
8 Earth globes
8 clear adhesives
8 flashlights
8 Evo hats
8 activity boards
8 activity sheets
8 fact cards
8 inquiry cards
8 Styrofoam moons
8 assembly instructions

Robots sold separately.