Micro Jig SteelPro Table Saw Splitters Blue 1/8" Kerf Model

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M534615 SP-2
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Professional level table saw splitter is tough to the core. Its 100% polycarbonate shell is reinforced with a solid stainless steel foundation. Able to take on the stress caused by many solid woods. The SteelPRO will greatly reduce the chance of kickback on your table saw and virtually eliminate burning.

The Dual Splitter allows the splitters to control the pressure on the keeper piece AND the off-cut piece by the thousands on an inch. Virtually eliminates any chance of kickback on the table saw and greatly reduce the chance of severing fingers. Splitters are simple to install and simple to use. Includes an easy to follow drill-guide template to install the SteelPro System into your Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI).

The precision drill-guide system for the MJ Splitter SteelPro makes installation a breeze. The drill template lines up your drill perpendicular to the table saw surface and you can effortlessly drill straight lines into your Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI). The drill-guide’s ingenious design lines up your splitter to plug directly into your ZCI for quick and accurate alignment with your saw blade. Installation is so simple its Fool-proof.

  • Micro Incremental Tension Adjustments – Each additional "+" sign on the splitter surface means an additional +0.003" offset for precise amount of work piece control
  • Mini Feather Board Effect Behind Saw Blade - Keeps your stock pushed against the rip fence to minimize kickback
  • Dual Splitter Functionality – Control both sides of work piece simultaneously with selective mini feather board effects
  • Automatic Kerf Keeper – A dedicated device that engages automatically if the saw kerf begins to close under tension. Its function is to reduce tension on the MJ Splitter Steel PRO and the saw blade for safer operation
  • Fully Customizable – Install at specific blade heights to reduce the distance between the saw blade and the MJ Splitter Steel PRO
  • For Installation on a Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI) without an existing splitter opening ONLY!
  • For making 90° cuts ONLY – MJ Splitter Steel PRO System will NOT accommodate cuts with a tilted arbor!

The Blue 1/8" Kerf model MJ Splitter SteelPRO is designed specifically full 1/8” Kerf 10" Saw Blade.
Blue Splitter Thickness : 0.118" (±0.001")
Kerf Range 0.118" - 0.145" (3.0 - 3.2mm)

Includes 3/16" drill bit, rear adjustable drill guide base, drill guide, 4 splitters & 4 kerf keepers.

Please make sure you are using the correct MJ Splitter model with the appropriate saw blade.