Flexbar CNC Mill & Lathe Machinable Wax, Rectangular Block, 3" x 7" x 3"

SKU: M408801 15161
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M408801 15161

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Flexbar   Self-lubricating, nonabrasive machinable wax will not fuse when machined at high-end spindle rpm's and feed rates. No need for costly, messy coolants or lubricants. Will not gum up on tool bits. Sharp edges can be maintained, accurate threads can be cut and thin wall sections maintained with the quality of surface finish. Wax is not cellular, grainy or abrasive. Wax will machine within designated tolerances for a dimensionally accurate prototype that can be assembled for checking.

50-55 shore "D" scale hardness. 92 specific gravity. 575°F flash point. 226°F softening point. 7% volumetric shrinkage @ room temperature. Permanent, oil base, blue dye coloring.

3" x 7" x 3"


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