Fischer Tensile Tester with Hand Pump

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M405903 TT5
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The Model TT5 is intended for testing of specimens that will require from 300-5,000 lbs. of tensile load to cause fracture. Most spot-welded specimens are in this range. Also, specimens from arc-welded sheet metal can fall in this range. The TT5 is also recommended for schools that are interested in teaching the concept of tensile testing. It is easily portable and moderately priced.

The Model TT5 consists of a load frame and a pumping system. The specimen to be tested is held in the load frame by self-tightening grips. As the load is increased, the grips tighten on the specimen with increasing force. The grips will accept up to 0.15" x 1.13" cross section, but the 5,000 lb. maximum load limits the largest specimen that can be tested (varies according to material strength).

The basic pumping system consists of a hand-operated pump. For most applications, this is the best option. The operator has precise control over the entire operation.

  • Meets ASME, AWS Codes
  • Meets MIL Standards
  • Calibration (ASTM E4) traceable to NIST Standards 
  • 5,000 lb. Maximum load +/- 1% Accuracy 
  • 300 lb. Minimum load +/- 1% Accuracy 
  • Integral hydraulic system
  • Grips specimens up to 0.15" x 1.13" cross section

Tester: 31"H x 7"W x 4"D
Pump 6"H x 4"W x 14"D
Weight 34 lbs.

Includes hand-operated pump.

Digital Gauge and Digital Readout sold separately.