Brown Dog Gadgets Crazy Circuits Bit Board Kit

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M275055 K1040

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Welcome to the world of programming and automation with Micro:Bit! This full kit gives you everything you need to start creating projects in minutes!

The Bit Board allows users to combine Micro:Bit and LEGO® together to create all sorts of amazing projects! Like all Crazy Circuits components, the Bit Board snaps onto any LEGO® compatible component. Connect other Crazy Circuits components with the included Maker Tape! Use a ribbon cable to connect sensors, or directly plug a servo into the Bit Board. Use the built-in relay to control DC motors and devices. In comparison to the Arduino platform, Micro:Bit offers a much more graphic way of working and programming with microcontrollers. The Bit Board Adapter was designed as a solution for teaching programming via Micro:Bit's graphic interface, allowing it to work with the Crazy Circuits component platform.

Crazy Circuits Bit Board
Right angled Micro USB Cable
16' x 1/8" inch roll of Maker Tape
2 AAA Battery Holder with JST Connector
2 Crazy Circuits Jumbo Pushbuttons
4 Crazy Circuits Jumbo LEDs
Crazy Circuits NeoPixel
Crazy Circuits Potentiometer