Brown Dog Gadgets Crazy Circuits Bit Board Classroom Set, 1-Pack

SKU: M275088 K1052-01PK
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M275088 K1052-01PK
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The Bit Board Classroom Set is the complete solution for teaching basic Micro:Bit programming and modifying more complicated code to learn how different parts interact. Teachers can easily pass out boxes to groups of students and use the continually-updated online curriculum and resources to run lessons. The Student Box has a complete set of supplies for one group. All sets are ready to go right out of the box so there's no need for soldering. Bit Board kits also include Maker Tape conductive tape for connecting parts to brick based building environment.

These Bit Board Classroom Set does not come with a Micro:Bit. If you would like a Micro:Bit included, please see Brown Dog Gadgets Crazy Circuits Bit Board Classroom Set with Micro:Bit, 1-Pack.

Qty: 1 Student Kit
Age: 10+
Grade: 4+

Student Kit Includes

• 4x Small Pushbuttons
• 4x 10mm LEDs
• 4x (1x6) LEGO Pieces
• 2x Ribbon Cable Bundles (4 per)
• 1x Slide Switch
• 1x Neopixel
• 1x RGB LED
• 1x Potentiometer
• 1x Piezo Speaker
• 1x Crazy Circuits™ Bit Board micro:bit™ adapter
• 1x Roll 1/8” Maker Tape™ (5m)
• 1x 2 AAA Battery Holder
• 1x USB Cable
• 1x Bundle (of 5) Alligator Clips
• 1x LEGO Compatible Servo + connector
• 1x LEGO Base Plate
• 1x Distance Sensor
• 1x 7 Segment Display
• 1x Thumb Stick
• Instruction Cards/Online

Requires 2 AAA batteries, sold separately

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