So Many Ways to Use Chibitronics!

So Many Ways to Use Chibitronics!

Chibitronics electronic project kits combine circuits and coding with arts and crafts. Their circuit stickers and other supplies are designed for makers of all ages and experience levels to express their creativity with electronics. Light up a greeting card, art piece, or model structure and take your creativity to the next level! There are many different ways to get your students started with Chibitronics. Take a look at our ideas for incorporating these unique tech supplies into your STEM lessons and see what will work best for your students!

Chibitronics Starter Kits

If you’re new to Chibitronics, we offer a variety of classroom and Makerspace starter kits which include everything you need to explore the world of creative circuits. Purchasing a starter kit for each student may be the ideal way to learn, but costs can add up quickly. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a starter kit for each teacher and additional accessories on the side for students. You may also choose to purchase a few starter kits, then have students work in groups to complete projects together. All Chibitronics projects can be completed with regular notebook or computer printer paper and a graphite pencil.

Additional Chibitronics Technology Supplies

If you prefer to purchase as you go, or if you’re already familiar with Chibitronics and have a good supply, you can order a variety of additional supplies separately.

We offer extra conductive tape rolls, conductive pens, conductive dough, jars of conductive paint or tubes of conductive paint. You can even make your own conductive paint with liquid graphite and glue, or simply use the graphite of a pencil and draw a thick line. All of these items would work well with coin cell battery holders, and our additionalcoin cell batteries, too.

Once students get used to how Chibitronics work and all the creative ways they can be used, take projects to the next level and make them 3D! Add depth to their creations by taping, painting, or modeling over LEGOs, K’NEX, or 3DUX structures. Add stickers to robotics projects and make them come alive! Light up a model of the solar system or human cell in science class.

Free Chibitronics Resources

When you join the exciting world of Chibitronics, you also get access to a vast library of digital materials to help you get the most out of these creative STEM toys. The Chibitronics website has an educator’s guide, downloadable templates for creating paper circuits, tutorials on a variety of topics, an inspiration gallery of other students’ completed projects, troubleshooting guide and best practices for using circuit stickers, plus lesson plans for different kits in 6 languages.

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There are so many ways you can adapt these educational toys and STEM kits into your school’s curriculum. Please reach out to us to learn more about bringing this program to your classroom and making the most of this student-loved and teacher-approved school tech supply brand. We work hard to ensure we’re you’re #1 educational supply store from CTE to STEM and everything in between. Call us at 1-800-831-5904 or reach out online today!