The NEW SawStop 10” Compact Saw is Finally Here!

The NEW SawStop 10” Compact Saw is Finally Here!

Over the summer we’ve been taking pre-orders for SawStop’s next big thing - which is something small! They’ve added a new saw to their lineup! The NEW 10” Compact Table Saw is the most portable saw they’ve ever made and includes tons of great features, including their world-renowned safety technology. It’s still as precise and durable as all of SawStop’s other machines, but now comes in a smaller package. Take a look at this new offering and become one of the first to experience the new SawStop saw!

All About the New SawStop

The all-new 10” Compact Table Saw is everything you’ve come to expect from a SawStop, wrapped up in their smallest and most portable saw yet. It’s packed with the same features that bring power, precision, cut capacity, and safety to their larger saws.

Legendary Safety System - SawStop’s patented safety system can stop a spinning blade within 5 milliseconds of making contact with skin and drop below the table to avoid further injury. This quick reaction time can turn a potentially life-altering accident into a simple nick of the finger.

Rack & Pinion Fence - The fence is easy to adjust and always square. With built-in high and low shelf supports, it can handle all kinds of cuts.

Quick-Tilt Bevel with Micro Adjustments - All blade adjustments can be made from the centrally-located knob. You can quickly and easily tilt the blade to the ideal angle with just one hand. Then, use the micro-adjust feature to dial in your precise settings.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Optional Stand - The SawStop 10” Compact Table Saw can be used on any level surface including the ground, floor, or workbench. You can choose the available stand for less stable set ups. It folds flat so it’s easy to store and carry. The wide footing and non-skid rubber feet offer stability, while the brackets are ergonomically designed and easy to lock.

Storage Compartment - With on-board storage, you’ll never have to stop in the middle of a job to get the tool you need. The side of the SawStop CTS houses a storage compartment which can hold several tools and accessories in one easy-to-reach place. The space can accommodate a miter gauge, brake cartridge, 4mm hex key, 2 blade wrenches, a riving knife, and a blade guard with a spreader and anti-kickback pawls.

Table Insert - The zero-clearance table saw insert gives accurate cuts with reduced tear-out. Its one-push lockdown allows for tool-free operation.

Order Yours Today!

Be one of the first to experience safety unleashed when you order the NEW SawStop 10” Compact Table Saw. After being on pre-order all summer, it’s finally available to ship! Shop for this and other SawStop products on our website, or give us a call at 1-800-831-5904 if you have any questions! We’re excited about this revolutionary new offering and would love to talk about it with you!