6 Benefits of Porcelain Steel Tabletops

6 Benefits of Porcelain Steel Tabletops

Choosing the highest quality furniture for your classroom is extremely important for day-to-day functioning. However, the school’s budget for this furniture can often dictate your purchasing decisions. When shopping with your education supply company, look for porcelain steel tabletops over other materials. These six benefits are sure to make it an easy choice.

Long Life Span

Designed for long-term use, porcelain white boards can withstand rigorous and frequent use in any classroom. They are more scratch resistant than standard high-pressure laminate (HPL) boards and often include longer manufacturer’s warranties. Ask your educational supply store what’s offered with each model. This should provide some peace-of-mind to any school administrator when it comes to adding these items to the yearly budget.


In addition to being 2.5 times harder and 2 times more scratch resistant than HPL table tops, porcelain steel is also less prone to staining over time. This includes whiteboard markers, as well as drinks and snacks, permanent markers, pen marks, and more. Whether you have a classroom of boisterous Kindergartners or rough and tough teenagers, the investment in porcelain steel tabletops will serve your school well for years to come.


Schools are using harsh chemicals more frequently to maintain clean and sanitary conditions in their classrooms. Porcelain tops resist damage and delamination from chemicals and bacteria (including bleach!), so work surfaces are safer for your students. These tops are also Class A fire rated and don’t release harmful fumes when heated, making them ideal for science classrooms, CTE and Makerspaces, and laboratories.

Easier to See

When you choose porcelain steel for your table tops, you get an ultra smooth and glass-like surface for limited glare. Engineered to have a superior level of color contrast, these tops reduce light distortion which helps relieve eye strain. This is especially important for those who have a lot of screen time in class.

Cleaner Erasing

With 3 times better erasing than a new laminate surface (and 6 times better than a used surface), porcelain steel means your writing surfaces will have less streaking, smudging, and ghosting than other materials. What you write and draw stays put, even if you’re left-handed, until you’re ready to remove it. Then, it’s gone for good! No more writing over yesterday’s lessons and hoping students can see the difference!


To make these table tops even more versatile, they are magnetic for a wide range of uses in any classroom. Hang up examples of great work, or assignments that are missing student names. You can even use magnetic blocks, toys, or laminated notes to help students better visualize a complex topic, arrange different elements in order, and reuse these learning tools for other groups.

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Porcelain steel is a great choice for classroom furniture and is definitely worth the higher price for the durability and longer lifespan it offers. If you have any questions or would like to compare options, please contact us online or reach us by phone at 1-800-831-5904 and we’ll be happy to help!