4 Benefits of a Robotics Program and How to Get Started

4 Benefits of a Robotics Program and How to Get Started

Technology and engineering are among the fastest-growing fields in schools. Learning robotics introduces students to STEAM and gives them a deeper understanding of these fields. Robotics and coding skills require the development of all these disciplines for success. Offering a robotics program at your school is a great way to help students explore technology and engineering concepts, but they’ll also develop other important skills.

4 Benefits of a Robotics Program

If you are starting your robotics program from scratch, a smaller introduction can help you showcase the program’s immediate benefits and student progress. Some benefits will be obvious right away and they can help you encourage administrators to continue growing the program over time.

1. Builds SEL Skills

While developing robotics and coding skills, students will also build and exhibit SEL skills. You’ll notice this as they work together, make important decisions, and build confidence in their individual abilities and their ability to contribute to a team.

2. Student Engagement

We all grew up watching movies about robots, playing with robot toys, and thinking about what we could do if we could build one for ourselves. Now is the opportunity to grab your students’ attention and facilitate learning through a popular subject.

3. Hands-on Experiences

Many students learn better when they get to be hands-on. Robotics and coding allows students to develop their ideas and quickly test theories. If it doesn’t work out as expected, students are encouraged to adjust and try again, making successes feel well-earned and meaningful.

4. Personalized Instruction

A robotics program is the perfect opportunity to present a more personalized learning approach. Teachers and staff can move between small groups that are working on a project together to provide instruction and support that caters to each group’s individual solution.

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How to Get Started

Building or enhancing a robotics program is fun and rewarding, but requires time, patience, and knowledge. Wherever your program is at, start there! Whether you need the basics or want to grow what you currently have, there are dozens of products to consider. While searching, think about the goals for your program and what you want to achieve over time.

Know Your Budget

The first question everyone will ask is “how much will this cost?” Before you start shopping, check with your administrator about the budget for a robotics program, and what other options may be available, such as community initiatives or grant funding.

Product Prerequisites

If you’re first starting out, ensure the products you’re buying are complete kits. Many items are available that include robots or other main pieces of equipment for beginner programs. Other products may be expansion packs or accessories kits that require you to already have the robots.

Review the Curriculum

When diving into new technology, see if the product you’re considering also offers PD courses and lesson plans. These help ensure all educators are prepared to teach these skills. Other great items to look for include student tutorials, printables, and activities.

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Top Robotics and Coding Products

Midwest Technology Products offers a wide variety of robotics and coding tools for classrooms.

  • Bird Brain offers Finch for elementary students and Hummingbird for middle grades.
  • Modular Robotics’ Cubelets can grow with your students’ skills and expand along with your robotics program.
  • OWI makes tons of small robotics kits for students.
  • Ozobot is great for teaching robotics and coding alongside other disciplines such as astronomy and physics.
  • Wonder Workshop’s Dash robots are a great way to customize your school’s robotics program.

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If you’d like help searching for the right robotics and coding products for your school, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at web@midwesttechnology.com or by phone at 1-800-831-5904.