Arduino Alvik Robot Kit

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M189926 AKX00066

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A powerful and versatile robot car specifically designed for programming and robotics education. Powered by Arduino Nano ESP32, Arduino Alvik offers different programming languages including MicroPython, Arduino C, and block-based coding. Students will explore robotics, IoT, and AI. Driven by ESP32 and equipped with color sensors, line-following sensors, distance sensor, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and multi-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. Connect external sensors to the Grove and QWIIC plug and play connectors.

  • Can connect up to 2 servo motors.
  • Precision motor with encoders ensures higher consistency and superior performance.
  • Expand its structure with M3 screws and Lego connectors.
  • Easily swap and recharge batteries.

Students: 1-2
Grades: 6+

Teaching Objectives:
Coding and Programming Learning
STEAM Learning
Robotics and Engineering Competitions
Project Based Real Life Applications
LEGO Creativity Design
Robot Design
Game Design
Team Collaboration

Follow the Leader
Controlling Motor Movements
RC Robot
Smart Warehouse
Smart Highway
Escape Room

Arduino Nano ESP32 Board
Arduino Alvik
18650 Rechargeable battery
USB-C cable