XTool P2 55W Laser Engraver All-In-One Package

SKU: W992051 P2-ALL-IN-ONE
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W992051 P2-ALL-IN-ONE

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This package includes the XTool P2 55W laser engraver with a variety of extras to complete your classroom set up.

  • Fire safety set includes auto fire detection and fire extinguishing.
  • Material kit includes 4 basswood, 4 cardboard, and 2 transparent acrylic.
  • RA2 Pro has a 4-in-1 rotary to help process different objects.
  • 39" automatic conveyor feeder can engrave anything up to 3 meters long with no interruptions in the design.
  • Riser base offers up to 8.4" engraving thickness.
  • Smoke purifier creates a silent and safe working area with 99.97% purification rate.

Rated Power:55W (CO₂ Glass Laser Tube)
Product Size:39.4" × 25.1" × 10.6"
Product Weight:99 lbs.
Max. Carving Speed:600mm/s
Processing Precision: 0.01mm
Z-axis Movement: 3" (75mm)
Working Space:23.6"×12" (600×305mm)
Operating Ambient Temperature: 10-30°C (10-86℉)
Storage Temperature: 10-45°C (50-113℉)

Work Area
Bed Size: 26.7" × 14.1"
Working Space:23.6" × 12"
Max. Workpiece Height: With tray 2.5", Without tray 2.7", With riser base 8.5"
Rotary engraving diameter: With riser base 0-180mm, Without riser base 3-50mm
Camera: Panoramic camera + close-range camera
Number of Pixels (Effective): 16MP×2
Vision Precision: 0.3mm
Image Resolution: 1000DPI
Focus Mode: Autofocus

Build-in Accessories
Water-cooling System Capacity: 1.4L(0.37gal)
Air Assist (adjustable): 15-150Kpa
Exhaust Fan: 145CFM

Software and Connection
Operating Systems: Android / iOS / iPad / Windows / MacOS
Control Software: xTool Creative Space / LightBurn
Supported File Type: SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP
Connection / Transmission: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

xTool P2
Fire Safety Set
Material Kit
RA2 Pro
Automatic Conveyor Feeder
Riser Base
Smoke Purifier