Strawbees Steam Starter Robotics Without Microbit

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M866625 BDL5

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The STEAM Starter Robotics Kit includes everything you need for a well-rounded experience of making and creating. There are 249 pieces for students to build several models including small towers, moving mechanical cranes and arms. Straws are pre-cut into 5 lengths and connectors are color-coded for easy identification. The instructional booklet showcases 11 activities and 10 challenges from the Pocketful of Ideas card deck, plus a full-color introductory poster. Students will write in Microsoft's MakeCode block-based programming platform, then upload a program and remove it from the computer to run on batteries. This extends their programming knowledge to the physical world by creating interactive projects through the Strawbees building system and micro:bit.

This kit includes the Robotic Inventions for micro:bit board which can be used with your existing micro:bit to add robotic capabilities to your students' models. The board includes 2 RGB LEDs, buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth Smart Technology that can all be individually programmed. Attached up to 3 servo motors to any Strawbees building project to enhance physical and mechanical inventions.

All electronics easily connect to Strawbees connectors and straws, so they're great for young learners and beginners, as well as adding to your existing supplies. All materials are custom-made, durable and reusable so they'll last long and open children's' imaginations.

Ages: 8-14, supporting 1 to 2 students
Pieces: 245

STEAM Starter Kit
Connectors – 1-leg Blue × 100
Strawbees 2-legs Yellow × 48
Strawbees 3-legs Green × 48
Strawbees 5-legs Pink × 24
Straw Blue 240mm × 48
Straw Green 205mm × 32
Straw Pink 112mm × 48
Straw Orange 80mm × 36
Straw Yellow 48mm × 36
Activity Booklet × 1
Poster × 1

Robotics Inventions for the micro:bit
Strawbees Robotics board for micro:bit × 1
Strawbees clip for micro:bit × 1
Servo motor 120 (SM-S2309S) × 1
Servo motor mounts × 2
Servo motor arms × 3
Screws for servo mounts and arms × 3
Mini screwdriver × 1
Servo extension cable × 1
Eyes × 4
Eye sticker sheet × 1
Sneaker shoes × 2
Duck feet with magnets × 2
Free access to lesson plans at Strawbees Learning
Free access to the official Strawbees MakeCode extension

This bundle does not include the micro:bit, USB cable or AAA batteries.


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