Shifu Classroom Pack

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Engage students in collaborative-learning with hands-on activities that enrich essential skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, communication, problem-solving, and more.

Shifu Orboot
Orboot, one-of-a-kind interactive globe, is the perfect teaching tool for educators. Orboot brings to life 400+ wonders around the world. Explore countries, cultures, cuisines, monuments, wildlife and more fun activities that keep students engaged and informed.

Shifu Plugo
Plugo is an AR-powered phygital STEM learning system. Plugo assists educators in teaching essential skills such as critical thinking, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, math, science and arts with advantages of hands-on activities and real-time feedback.e and more fun activities that keep students engaged and informed.

  • Common Core Plugo and Orboot are aligned with the Common Core standards, making it easier to integrate into your classroom curriculum.
  • Grades Pre-K to 5 Apps have adaptive content based on grade. Teach math, geography, arts, social & environmental studies, and more.
  • Lesson Plans Plugo and Orboot come with specially designed lesson plans to make classrooms more fun for educators and students!

Classroom Pack is ideal for 30 Students
For ages: 4-10

6 Orboot Earth globe
6 Plugo Count set
6 Plugo Link set
6 Plugo Tunes set
6 Plugo Letters set