Robotis Bioloid Premium Kit

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M769104 901-0006-300

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The Bioloid Premium Robot Kit is a do-it-yourself educational robot kit using modular DC servo blocks. By using the components included into the kit, you can build various types of robot such as a scorpion, a spider, a dinosaur or a puppy.

The Bioloid platform consists of components and small, modular servo motors called the AX-12A Dynamixels, which can be used in a daisy-chained fashion to construct robots of various configurations, such as wheeled, legged, or humanoid robots.

The robot is programmed with RoboPlus - a C language based software solution. The Bioloid system is thus comparable to the LEGO Mindstorms and VEX kits. The platform is currently in use by the U.S. Naval Academy in their Mechanical Engineering courses, and is also popular in the RoboCup international robotics competitions.

Main Features

  • Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjusting posture while walking)
  • Various sensors including Gyro, DMS, IR and more external ports
  • Remote control capability (IR-default, Zigbee-optional)
  • C-style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB Interface included)
  • Transparent humanoid skin for customization
  • Digital Packet communication with daisy chain topology
  • Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism

Kit includes

  • 1 CM-530 (Main Controller-ARM Cortex (32bit))
  • 18 AX-12A Servo motors (Robot Actuator, Dynamixel)
  • 1 Gyro Sensor (2 Axis)
  • 1 DMS
  • 2 IR Sensor
  • 1 RC-100A (Remote Controller)
  • 1 Head & Chest Skin
  • 1 SMPS for external power (12V, 5A)
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM)
  • Lipo Balance Battery Charger
  • Screw Driver
  • Cable Holder
  • Plastic Frame Set
  • Quick Start Book
  • RoboPlus Software CD