OSEPP 101 Sensor Basics Starter Kit

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M615707 SENS-01

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Learn the basics of using sensors to create smart sensing objects! No prior electronic knowledge required.


Lessons included:
Lesson 1 – LEDs and Buttons : learn how to control LEDs with push Buttons
Lesson 2 – Musical Buzzer: Learn how to make a musical buzzer with your own musical notes.
Lesson 3 – Potentiometer: control the pitch of the musical buzzer and adjust the brightness of an led.
Lesson 4 – Fan Motor: adjust the direction and speed of a motor with a potentiometer knob and button.
Lesson 5 – Ping Sensor: change direction of a motor when you are within proximity of the motor using the ping sensor.
Lesson 6 – Reed Switch: turn an LED on and off based on the state of a reed switch.
Lesson 7 – PIR sensor: construct a smart motion sensing system that turns on an led based on movement.
Lesson 8 – Flame Sensor: create a smoke / fire alarm with the flame sensor.
Lesson 9 – Temperature Sensor: measure the temperature around you with the temperature sensor.
Lesson 10 -Light Sensor: detect the light surrounding you with the light sensor.
Lesson 11 -Sound Sensor: adjust the brightness of an led based on the ambient nose around you with the sound sensor.
Lesson 13 – 4-digit touch sensor: create a security access keypad with the 4 digit touch sensor.
Lesson 14 – Environmental Monitor: create an environmentally aware system with the sensors you have previously used
Lesson 15 – Security System : create a smart security system with sensors previously used.

What's in the box


OSEPP Sensor Shield
3-Pin Jumper Wires
mini USB Cable
9 Volt Battery Adaptor
Female to Female Jumper Cables
4-Digit Touch Sensor Module
Fan Motor Module
Flame Sensor Module
LED Modules
Light Sensor Module
Temperature Sensor Module
Passive Infrared Sensor Module
Piezo Sensor Module
Potentiometer Sensor Module
Push Button Module
Reed Switch Sensor Module
Voltage Sensor Module
Ultrasonic Sensor Module