Nicholson General Purpose File Set 5-Piece

SKU: M312854 22040NNN
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M312854 22040NNN

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5-piece set of files for general use that holds each file in their own slots within a convenient carrying pouch. This set includes a 6" long slim taper file for precision work, two 8" long mill files in smooth and bastard coarseness measures for different finishes and filing speeds, a 10" long mill file with a bastard cut for the roughest material removal, and a 10" long half-round file with a bastard-cut coarseness.

  • General-purpose files for a range of home and professional uses
  • Bastard-cut files are perfect for rough work and aggressive material removal
  • Slim taper files are excellent for precision work
  • Includes pouch for storage and organization


10" half round bastard file
10" mill bastard file
6" slim taper file
8" mill bastard file
8" mill smooth file
Storage Pouch