Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System

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W567142 951823

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Due to special pricing available exclusively to our school customers, this item is not available for purchase to our non-school customers at the price listed. Every effort will be made to sell this item at the lowest available price to our non-school customers. Please call us at (800) 831-5904.

Highly realistic multiprocess welding simulation solution for classroom training. For beginner to advanced-level welding students, the AugmentedArc system simulates multiple welding processes, blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment. AugmentedArc System provides real-time feedback to help correct errors on users' technique, reducing overall training time and minimizing material cost. Teacher software offers a user-friendly and flexible LMS to manage courses, content, and students. Create quizzes, theories, and welding simulation exercises with your own exercise parameters, technique, and scoring criteria, or use pre-developed exercises. Manage student progress by viewing real-time results of welding simulations, analyze statistics and download reports, and review the entire history and results of student activities.

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Input Power:
115 V, 15 A, 60 Hz
230 V, 10 A, 50 Hz
Welding Positions: 1F–4F, 1G–6G
Joints: Bead-on-plate, T-joint, butt joint, lap joint, pipe-to-plate, butt pipe, V-groove with/without backing backing
Polarity Selection: DCEP, DCEN, AC
Shielding Gas Selection: CO2, Argon O2, Argon CO2, Argon
Wire Speed Selection: GMAW/FCAW 50–1,000 ipm (1.27–25.4 m/min.)
Base Material Selection: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Workpiece Selection: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8"
Stick Electrode Selection: E7018, E6010, E6013
Diameter Selection:
Solid wire .030", .035", .045"
Stick electrode 1/8", 3/32", 5/32"
Filler rod: 3/32"
Size: 9.38"W x 17.25"D x 21"H
Weight: 20.7 lbs.

Augmented Arc simulator
Teacher software
NCCER Welding Levels 1–2 exercises
Black Infinity™ AR helmet with premium headgear
Internal router
MIG gun with AR nozzle
SMAW stinger
TIG torch with AR nozzle
2 electrode/filler rods with AR tips
Work stand
butt joint
lap joint
butt pipe
V-groove with backing
V-groove without backing

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