GRIT Automation EDU Pro Package

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Designed and manufactured here in the USA, GRIT Automation is a workshop, woodshop, and metal shop automation and safety solution. Instantly increase productivity, security, and safety with this comprehensive system.

Every system starts with the GRIT Hub. This device is responsible for communicating with all the GRIT devices through the mesh network. The mesh network allows GRIT to operate wirelessly without the need for Wi-Fi. Because the wireless communication sits on a mesh network, GRIT can scale out to very large physical installations effortlessly. The data is stored local so it always stays with you, onsite and secure. It also comes with an easy-to-use GRIT app.

The GRIT Track® SignOn System is ideal for high-occupancy classrooms. It uses a proprietary mesh network for wireless communication, and is easy to install and set up. It tracks a user's shop time and job codes, while allowing you to bulk edit the database.

GRIT's Track RFiD System adds an RFiD reader to every tool in your shop to create machinery access control. This allows users to unlock tools using their personal RFiD card that is programmed with the permissions to operate only the tools that they are trained on. Administrators have access to important data and analytics that are tracked, including tool runtimes, a specific user's shop and tool usage, and more. This provides an additional layer of protection for users and your equipment.

The GRIT 120v Trigger is used to lock and unlock tools and can be applied to any single phase tool that draws less than 20 amps. It is easy to install and uses the mesh network for wireless communication. You can view real-time measurements, tool runtime data, and tool-level power profiles.

Track Access Control Kiosk
Hub Pro
Track RFiD Readers (x7)
Triggers (x7)
RFiD Cards on retractable lanyards (x30)

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