Fuze Zubi Flyer Hackable Frisbee

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M415200 ZUBI01
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Zubi Flyer is a smart toy that FUZE's physical play and online learning in a fun and simple way. Learning electronics and real code is as easy as 1,2,3, Build, Hack, Play. Whether inside or outside, Zubi Flyer shows kids (and adults!) how stuff works!

Open the box and screw your Zubi Flyer together (1 minute max). Put on your FuzePlay Star Diffraction Glasses and push buttons or wave the magnet wand to hack into fun games, sounds, and light sequences. Go outside and play frisbee with a friend or plug the Zubi Flyer into your computer to code the Arduino (ATmega32u4) microcontroller, LEDs, Piezo Buzzer, photocell light sensor, and button and reed switches.

Coding is FREE, real, and we have made it so easy to modify code that anyone can do it!!

1. Build Secure Zubi Flyer's electronic board to the cap using the included magnet wand. Twist the cap into the flying disc!
2. Hack Play 12 pre-programmed games by simply pushing buttons or waving the magnet wand! (psst... It really is that simple)
3. Play Go outside and PLAY!
*Connect Zubi Flyer to a computer to create your own games with Scratch or Arduino!

Start with play. Zubi Flyer can be played out of the box by simply pushing buttons or waving the included magnet wand. Plug Zubi into a computer and you can easily reprogram each game or wipe the code to build a toy or game of your own.

FuzePlay toys closes skills gaps by inspiring play around futuristic technologies. Connect Zubi Flyer to a computer using the included micro-USB and teach IoT (Internet of Things) electronics. 'Newbies' can start coding with Zubi Fyler's ScratchX Extension using drag-and-drop blocks and Zubi Flyer as a controller! 'Zubis' can start using the Arduino Development Environment where it is easy to edit real code. Zubi Flyer is designed to scale for all experience levels and all ages!

Includes Zubi Flyer Frisbee, illuminator printed circuit board, magnet wand, instructable booklet, happy face micro-USB, diffraction glasses (2 pairs), battery and accessory box.