Donaldson 2-Stage Cyclone Dust Collector w/After-filter Assembly, 15 HP

SKU: W120814 CYC-30-15AF
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W120814 CYC-30-15AF
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Due to the level of customization required with this dust collector, please contact us to discuss options and pricing. Depending on the layout of the shop tools and room size, we want to ensure that we are sizing the collector correctly and that you get the necessary options for your classroom. Our friendly staff is ready to help you at 1-800-831-5904.

Efficient and economical units to remove large contaminants. Constructed of heavy-gauge metal with fully-welded seams and joints to provide long-term operation in applications generating heavy particulate loading, high temperatures, and wet contaminants. Dirty air enters the cyclone where centrifugal force moves the particulate against the cone wall and out of the air stream to the collection unit. Clean air is then exhausted out of the cyclone. Its only moving part - the inner fan - requires very little maintenance. The collector’s long, tapered cyclone profile results in higher velocity operation and increased particle separation efficiency. 

  • Air flow levels available from 860 to 5,600 cfm
  • High-efficiency, powerful, direct-drive blower positioned on the clean-air side of the unit reduces maintenance and energy costs
  • Proprietary internal helix design improves centrifugal air flow and collection efficiency
  • Cyclone stand and collection drum ease particulate disposal, reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • Fan/outlet orientation can be positioned in 45° increments for greater installation flexibility
  • Base orientation can be positioned in 90° increments, optimizing drum accessibility
  • Airtight drum allows high volume particulate collection

CYC-30-10AF 10 HP, 3,000-4,500 AirVol. cfm, 4.0-5.0 Pressure, 3,820-5,730 Inlet Velocity fpm.

CFM Requirements for Woodworking Machines
Following are the required velocities of 4,000 cfm/branch or 3,500 cfm/main lines:
Radial arm saw: 5" Duct Size, 550 CFM
Table saws to 16": 4" Duct Size, 350 CFM
Disc sanders to 12" and 13"-18": 4" and 5" Duct Size, 350 and 550 CFM
Single drum and spindle sanders (50-199 sq. in.): 4" Duct Size, 350 CFM
Belt sanders (to 6") drive pulley and idler pulley: 5" and 4" Duct Size, 550 and 350 CFM
Band saws: 4" Duct Size, 550 CFM
Lathe: 6" Duct Size, 900 CFM
Sanding table: 4" Duct Size, 400 CFM
Jointers to 6" and 7"-12": 4" and 5" Duct Size, 350 and 550 CFM
Floor sweeps (with shut-off gate):  6" Duct Size, 785 CFM

  • single pick-up to 20" and 21"-26": 6" and 7" Duct Size, 785 and 1,100 CFM
  • double pick-up to 20" (bottom and top): 5˝ and 6" Duct Size, 550 and 785 CFM
  • double pick-up 21"-26" (bottom and top): 6" and 7" Duct Size, 785 and 1,100 CFM

Includes after-filter assembly which allows filtered air to recirculate back into the room.

Note: Collection of steel grindings and wood sawdust within the same container is NOT recommended due to potential fire hazard from sparks.