Why CTE is Important for High Schoolers

Why CTE is Important for High Schoolers

The number of available jobs has skyrocketed in the last two years and the way of working has changed just as drastically. Preparing new graduates to successfully fill these roles is the goal of every teacher. Encouraging students to enroll in CTE courses could be the answer. When students partake in a CTE program, they gain the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in these in-demand careers and reach higher education. This knowledge can apply to many industries including STEM, healthcare, IT, business, and more. In addition to preparing students for a career, there are many other benefits to CTE programs.

Higher Graduation Rates

Students who join a CTE program are more likely to graduate from high school than non-CTE students. By participating in these specialized courses, students come to fully understand the value of a good education and have more motivation to complete the coursework, earn a degree, and enter the workforce or continue their education. By learning the exact skills they’ll be using every day at work, they can see how what they’re learning applies to real-life experiences and are better prepared to succeed at work than students with a more generalized education.

Improved Job Skills & Training

Participating in CTE programs is the ideal way for those wanting to learn job-specific technical skills to gain this experience, but these programs can also help students develop their soft skills which will apply to any work environment. Problem solving, teamwork, time management, communication, critical thinking, and many other interpersonal skills will be necessary to succeed in any career path. By engaging in CTE lessons during high school, students develop these skills earlier than non-CTE students, which better prepares them to enter secondary education or the workforce after graduation.

Better Career Preparation

It’s very common for students to be unsure of where they want their lives to lead, and every new experience may change their mind. High school CTE programs expose them to a variety of career options they may not have otherwise considered. With hands-on learning and real-world experience they can learn how to fix cars, build houses, or prepare a healthy meal. Exploring these different options helps them find out what they’re interested in and what potential career choices align with those interests. This gives them a clearer view of what they may like to pursue in college or where to start their career.

Designing a CTE Classroom

CTE encompasses a wide range of subjects, each of which will need its own classroom setup. An industrial arts class will need tool cabinets, workbenches, mobile carts, and lumber racks. While a culinary arts program will need durable steel tables and shelves. Robotics has gained popularity in CTE programs and with all the delicate parts involved, having excellent storage and organization is a must. Another popular CTE subject is design, architecture, and engineering. These students do their best work with proper drafting tables for their projects.

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