Uses and Benefits of HUE Cameras in the Classroom

Uses and Benefits of HUE Cameras in the Classroom

HUE cameras were wildly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but just because most schools have returned to in-person learning doesn’t mean these cameras aren’t useful anymore! Many teachers are finding that they still use the cameras in their day-to-day classroom activities and it has a great benefit on their students!

Different Ways to Use HUE Cameras

Record Lessons - The ability to record videos and store them online makes it easy to play back lessons for your students, use them with other groups, share with a substitute teacher, or post online for absent kids to get caught up. You can also take photos of the documents you show in class and post them online, or record students giving a presentation and play it back for them to get feedback.

Get Up Close - When sharing small items with the class, it’s common to have them pass it around while you explain it. However, in the wake of COVID, we’re far more aware of how this can spread germs. Instead, placing it under the HUE HD Pro camera gives the entire class an up close look at the item, much like an overhead projector.

Show Off Good Work - When a child has surpassed your expectations for an assignment, ask them if you can show their work to the class under the HUE document camera. This gives the student a confidence boost and other students can see an example of great work.

Engage in Technology - Today’s generation has grown up with technology embedded into their lives. Showing them how to use it properly, from a technical and social standpoint, can improve their lives for the better. It can also be used during professional development sessions.

Benefits of Using HUE Cameras

Engage Students - When using a HUE HD camera, students are focused on what’s happening at the board, not on their worksheets. Plus, your lessons will feel more interactive when you’re physically doing something and reacting to the children’s interests.

Saves Time and Money - Being able to easily share something with the entire class at once allows you to work together instead of in pairs or small groups. You’re more likely to get the point across and peer review is much more collaborative. You don’t have to spend time making copies in the morning, and your school won’t need to spend as much money on paper!

Easy to Use - Getting started with HUE document cameras is quick and simple. It’s small enough to use anywhere in the classroom, has a flexible neck for the perfect viewing angle, and doesn’t confuse you with a bunch of buttons. Just plug it in, turn it on, and get teaching! You don’t even need to worry about the other lights in the classroom.

Improved Student Performance - Knowing that they may have the opportunity to share their work under the HUE HD Pro camera is highly motivating for students. They tend to use better handwriting, since they know other students will need to be able to read it, and work harder to include the things you’re looking for in a good assignment.

Make Lessons Easier and More Engaging with HUE!

As a HUE Premier Partner, we’re particularly well-placed to provide these high-quality cameras to schools and classrooms across the country. If you have any questions about HUE HD cameras or placing an order, please reach out to us by phone at 1-800-831-5904 or contact us online.