Your Guide to Sanding Stations in the Classroom

Your Guide to Sanding Stations in the Classroom

A downdraft sanding station is an important part of your woodworking classroom. Dust collectors on the individual power tools are great at catching what they do, but a downdraft table is great at catching what a dust collector misses. It pulls small particles down and away from the workpiece and user environment. This not only ensures a better-looking final product, but a healthier classroom, as well.

Why Use a Sanding Station?

Sanding is meant to achieve a smooth and consistent finish, but any grit level can leave deeper scratches, ruining the finish. The best way to prevent these defects is to remove the dust and grit particles while sanding.

Even tools with excellent dust extraction methods will leave some dust behind. A downdraft station will be able to catch the dust that didn’t stay in the dust collector, so there’ll be next to nothing outside the table.

Using a downdraft sanding station is a highly-effective way to keep unwanted dust and particles away from a workpiece and support a cleaner, safer and more pleasant woodworking classroom.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Downdraft Sanding Table

A downdraft sanding station is a significant purchase for your classroom, so you’ll want to understand the features and benefits before spending the budget.

Some downdraft tables can also be used for metalworking. If you plan to share your table with another classroom, verify that the table you’re choosing can work for all intended materials.

Students come in all shapes and sizes and so do sanding stations. Look for a table with adjustable height to ensure everyone can work at a comfortable level for themselves.

The filter rating tells you how clean the air returning to the classroom will be. A higher rating means finer dust particles are being pulled from the air.

A woodworking downdraft table that’s used all day long will require more suction power than one in a homeowner’s weekend workshop. Ensure it can stand up to your many students and their projects throughout the day. Also look at the dust collector or drawer and ensure the system is easy to maintain. If not properly cleared out, your sanding station may become a fire hazard.

SandMan Sand Pro Downdraft Sanding Station

Midwest Technology Products is proud to offer the SandMan Sand Pro Downdraft Sanding Station to our woodshop teachers. We have an economy model in 3 sizes and a deluxe model.

All downdraft table models have a solid hardwood frame and ABS plastic top with holes drilled on 1-1/2” centers to accommodate doweled stop blocks and support jigs. The polymer brown 3/32” top coating is tough, durable, grippable and mar-resistant making it easy to use and long-lasting. A quiet yet powerful 70-74 dBA TEFC motor is included and the cabinets are primed and top-coated in a tan color. The deluxe model has steel-frame cabinets offering 10.4 cu. ft. of storage area.

All SandMan Sand Pro Downdraft Sanding Stations have hardwood handles for moving or wrapping a power cord and a helpful power switch with 2 extra outlets. There are 3 filters included: 2 of them are micro-fine pleated filters with 2” depth, and the third is a netted pre-filter for routing or heavy sealer sanding. Also included is a 12-13 gauge 15’ long cord, squared stop block and rubber-coated top. The economy wood models roll easily on 5” swivel casters with 2-ways locks, while the deluxe model has 4” casters.

Although all the tables on our website are shown with tools, those are sadly not included in the price.

Customers Love SandMan Sand Pro Sanding Stations!

Here’s a testimonial from an educator about his recent purchase:

“Just a note on the SandMan downdraft table, it is a beast. A well made product and I am very pleased. The teacher is impressed as well. Just thought I would let you know.

“Let me say that the frame is TIG welded aluminum, The cabinet is the PVC composite and the coating on top is cool. A non-slip covering, I have never seen. It even came with some jigs to hold pieces in place. A quality well-made product. I appreciate that, made to be student/teacher proof. :)”

-- Charlie Hurd, Coordinator of Technology Education for Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) Office of Technical and Career Education

Create a Safer Woodworking Classroom with Your Own Sanding Station

In addition to SandMan Sand Pro tables, we also offer full-size options from Denray and a benchtop version from Shop Fox. Take a look at these choices to find the best table for your classroom, and please let us know if you have any questions! We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase and have greater peace of mind.