Your Entire Classroom Toolkit in One Cabinet

Your Entire Classroom Toolkit in One Cabinet

Building a classroom supply cabinet with the right tools for your students doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Midwest Technology Products makes this easier for you with our all-in-one tool cabinets! These pre-designed cabinets include an assortment of tools and supplies fully tailored to your classroom’s needs.

Durable Cabinets

Each of the hand-built cabinets is constructed with maple framing and panels and comes with a natural finish. These heavy-duty doors feature 3/4” thick hardwood panel overlay, three 270° hinges on each door, recessed handles, and master-keyed locks.

Depending on the cabinet you choose, you may have 2 full-size doors, or 2 doors at 2/3 height and 2 doors for the bottom third. All cabinets are 22” deep, with widths of 36”, 48”, or 60” and heights at 66” or 84”.

Inside the cabinet, you can choose to include a pegboard, assorted pegboard hooks, full-width adjustable and fixed shelves, small bins, large tote trays, and magnetic tool strips. Your cabinet will be shipped to you already assembled.

High-Quality Tools

All tools you receive will be of high quality with enough supplies to suit a standard class size. Since manufacturers may discontinue some models, or they may be harder to acquire with the current supply chain issues, we will find a tool of equal or greater value to fill your order in a timely manner. We can customize what’s included to suit your classroom. When you speak with our Sales Team, they’ll be able to fill you in on the currently available options to ensure we can provide what you need.


Having such a customizable option for your classroom naturally leads to a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear about our complete tool cabinets.

Shipping - The cabinet itself is shipped directly from the manufacturer and will be pre-assembled. The tools are shipped as a complete package from our warehouse in Sioux City, Iowa, through UPS. This usually requires several boxes and delivery times can vary from 30-60 days. Due to the price of these complete cabinet and tool packages, we do not charge for shipping.

Tools - We can develop a list of included tools for your classroom based on common needs and your preferences. If there are any items on the list that you already have enough of, or items you’d like to add, we can certainly adjust the package of tools so you get exactly what your classroom needs.

Configuration - Thanks to the multiple interior storage options available, you can customize the layout of your tools however you want. Add pegboards inside the doors, place small or large bins on shelves, place shelves up high or down low, and use magnetic strips on the doors or against the back for grab-and-go tool access.

Pre-Designed Tool Cabinets for Any Classroom:


Building Trades

Drawing & Drafting




Small Engine


Tech Ed



We can also design a cabinet for a general shop class setup or have one that includes power tools only.

Already have all the tools you need? You can purchase the cabinet by itself!

Already have a great storage solution? You can purchase just the tools!

Take One Big Task Off Your List

Purchasing an all-in-one tool cabinet provides you with a complete set of tools and supplies plus a customized storage solution that’s a perfect fit for your classroom.  Contact a member of our Sales Team today to get started with designing your own!