Encourage Students to Explore Skilled Trades as Career Options

Encourage Students to Explore Skilled Trades as Career Options

Skilled trades can be a lucrative career option for students looking to enter the workforce after graduating high school. Employers in these fields are often willing to pay a higher rate because there is such a high demand for these services. However, these career options are usually less known to students as they start to think of their futures. Help them find their right path and take a look at the following job descriptions to see if any of your students come to mind.


Due to the physical danger of electricity, it’s not often recommended for people to handle electrical work on their own. Hiring a professional is always a safer option. As an electrical and lighting professional, students will be responsible for installing and repairing electrical wiring, systems and fixtures in homes or businesses. They’ll also ensure safety for all residents and guests by complying with local electrical codes to install conduits, pipes and circuit breakers.

A good candidate will be able to easily read and understand technical diagrams and blueprints, have a great memory for recalling state and local regulations, and be able to problem-solve quickly while maintaining a safe work environment.


Whether working at a dealership, repair shop, or flipping cars as a hobby, mechanics know the ins and outs of many makes and models of cars across several decades. Diagnosing problems based on little information, understanding how all the parts work together to make the car run, and explaining detailed issues to non-experts will all be daily duties for a mechanic of automotive and small engines.


Welding skills can be used in a variety of industries including automotive, construction and manufacturing. On any given day, a welder may be asked to plan and interpret layouts and measurements, use welding machinery or test welded surfaces. A steady hand and eye for detail are important qualities to have. Welders will also need to ensure they use the machinery appropriately, perform routine maintenance and make necessary repairs as needed.


Woodworking< is a great career choice for a person who likes to work with their hands and turn creative ideas into beautiful and functional designs. There are several ways to see success as a woodworker or carpenter. Working for a construction company to build homes and businesses requires a team player who can take direction well. Crafting furniture or other wood pieces may be ideal for the creative type that likes to listen and be inspired. Repairing old or broken structures takes a lot of physical effort, problem solving and knowledge of woodworking tools and trends.


For the student who excels at math but doesn’t want to be stuck sitting at a desk all day, metalworking is a great way to stay active both physically and mentally. Metalworkers complete a variety of tasks including reading and interpreting blueprints, fabricating metal components or structures, performing quality checks, setting up and maintaining machines, constructing templates, measuring, marking lines and using rollers, drill presses, flame cutters, brakes and shears.

We Need Skilled Tradespeople

Did you think of any specific student while reading about these careers? Help them get started on their post-high school plans by encouraging them to explore these skills in the classroom. Midwest Technology Products has a variety of tools you can use to begin their training, giving them a leg up when they start a new job!