Easily Get Started with the HUE HD Pro Camera & Intuition Software

Easily Get Started with the HUE HD Pro Camera & Intuition Software

The HUE HD Pro document camera can be used with any operating system that supports plug and play devices, and any application that recognizes a USB camera. This makes it quick and easy to get started. Download the HUE Intuition software from their website and you’ll be able to record video and sound, save videos locally or online, annotate and save images, take snapshots, and take multiple images over time. The ways to use a HUE camera are endless, so let’s get started!

Setting Up Your HUE HD Pro

In just a few seconds, you can have your new HUE HD Pro camera ready to go. Simply plug the flexible neck into the base, then use the base's USB cable to connect to your computer. Alternatively, you can connect the flexible neck right into the computer. The base is provided as an easy way to have the camera stand upright on its own when a desktop or other stable surface isn’t available. If using the base, a power indicator LED will light up to confirm the camera is receiving power through the computer. Your computer’s default camera application should recognize your HUE HD Pro camera without additional software.

Using the HUE Intuition Software

After downloading the HUE Intuition software from their website, you’ll see a variety of tabs on the right-hand side of your screen for controlling the camera.

  • Video mode records video and takes snapshots.
  • Playback allows you to review, save, and share your video.
  • Scan mode is built for scanning documents.
  • Document Camera gives you the ability to annotate, flip, and mirror the live video stream when presenting.
  • Image Capture will automatically take still pictures when you press a key or it senses movement.
  • Settings allows you to make custom configurations to the software.
  • Hide Controls will remove all on-screen buttons and borders so you have a larger video area.
  • Full Screen/Windowed gives you the opportunity to to switch from a full screen display to a windowed display. Simply press the Escape key to return to the default view.

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Teachers all over the world love using their HUE HD Pro cameras and Intuition software with their students. Whether in the classroom, at home, or a combination of both, the camera makes it easy to ensure all students are engaged and participating in the lesson. If you’re ready to bring this technology into your classroom, take a look at our HUE HD Pro camera and Animation Studio set. We can’t wait to see what you and your students do with it!