Brand Spotlight: Metalpro Metalworking Tools

Brand Spotlight: Metalpro Metalworking Tools

For nearly 30 years, Metalpro has been building precise, effective, and affordable metalworking machines. Comparable to top-of-the-line competitors in power, precision, and lifespan, these high-quality ironworkers and benders offer big capabilities with a small price tag.

Here at Midwest we’re proud to offer this prestigious brand because of their high-quality tools for metalworking, commitment to customer service, and metalworking knowledge.

Why We Love Metalpro

The team at Metalpro takes just as much care with customers as we do. We understand how important customer service is, which is why we’re thrilled to be able to work with Metalpro and their top-notch service team. No matter the project or challenge you encounter, together, our knowledgeable staff is committed to finding the solution you need.

No matter what you need, Metalpro enables you to achieve your goals with their customized machines and accessories. Whether you’re looking for basic metalworking tools, or a special punch and die set, brake, notcher, or machine build, Metalpro goes above and beyond what you expect to ensure you’re satisfied.

Choosing Metalpro means you always have access to high-quality metalworking supplies when you need them. Located in Hamilton, Michigan, their centralized position makes it easy to ship anywhere in the country. All Metalpro machines and accessories are made in the USA and they make it a priority to have stock on hand so you’re never stuck waiting for a shipment.

The Best Metalpro Products

Here at Midwest Technology Products, we offer a variety of Metalpro machines for your metalworking classroom. Ironworkers with 40, 45, or 50 tons capacity include punching holes, shearing flat bars or angle irons, a round or square shearing solid rod, and small fabrication projects. Benders are great for small fabrications projects, automotive, farm and agriculture, or school maintenance.

Metalpro has the Metalworking Expertise

Since 1994, Metalpro have been leaders in the metalworking industry. With nearly three decades of industry experience, they know how to find the exact metalwork supplies that you need, even if you’re not sure yourself.

  • When it comes to ironworkers, they know to ask what you plan on using the machine for, if you’ll be doing multiple steps, what metal you’ll be using, and if you need portability around the classroom.
  • Which bender you choose will depend on what material you plan to use, portability, and the maximum degree of bend you need.
  • Punch and dies will vary by hole size, clearance for bolt hole, if you need a custom punch and die made, what material you’re working with and its thickness.
  • For brakes, material and thickness will matter, along with the degree of bend, and if you plan to coin or air bend the material.

We’ve Got Metalpro for Everyone

Metalpro is a customer-centric brand with high-quality metalworking supply at affordable prices. We love working with them and you will too. Explore our range of Metalpro supply online or call 1-800-831-5904 and we’ll find the perfect machine for you. Email our Sales Team to learn more!