All-in-One Tool Kits Make Outfitting Your Classroom a Breeze!

All-in-One Tool Kits Make Outfitting Your Classroom a Breeze!

Whether you’re stocking up a new classroom, or overhauling the tools in an existing room, Midwest’s all-in-one tool kits are the easiest way to get the job done, and done well. We have pre-designed tool collections for various classrooms, though you’re welcome to modify as needed. Take a look at these details and start the new year smoothly.

Tool Bags or Boxes

Each complete kit includes its own storage method. Most of these are a sturdy tool box, made from metal or plastic to withstand heavy classroom use. The HVAC Kit includes a canvas bag that’s easier and more comfortable to carry. The Drafting Kit comes with a lightweight, flat mesh bag for storing in a portfolio. The Welding Package is the only one that doesn’t include its own storage because it mostly contains clothing items that will likely be hung on hooks or in closets.

Included Tools

No matter which kit you choose, you can expect a basic collection of high-quality tools that’s perfect for getting a beginner student started in your field. We have developed a specific list of included tools for a variety of classrooms based on common needs and preferences. Our Tool Kits Catalog shows which items are included in each tool kit. Click the stock number in the top left corner beneath the product description to see current pricing. For an as-is tool kit, we will select the intended variety of tools that are currently available from our warehouse. As such, you may receive different tools than what is shown in the photo.

Shop our Tool Kits Catalog to see a list of included tools!

Customize Your Tool Kit

If you’re looking for something specific, we’ll be happy to customize your tool kit so you have all the pieces you need and you won’t be stuck paying for something you don’t. Whether that’s a different style or size of tool storage, or a specific tool, please call or email our Sales Team. They will be able to share current availability, alternative options, and updated pricing for your custom tool kit.

Pre-Designed Tool Kits for Any Classroom:

3D Printing







General Purpose

Get Your Classroom Started with Ease

Start the new school year with a well-stocked CTE classroom by choosing a pre-designed or custom tool kit from Midwest Technology Products. Shop online today for an as-is option, or contact our Sales Team to build your own kit. Either way, you’ll be ready to share your expertise with students in the fall!