7 Unique Benefits of Computer Science Education

7 Unique Benefits of Computer Science Education

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, computer science skills become more in-demand. Schools across the country are adding to and adapting their curriculum to incorporate computer science lessons into students' education. But students learn much more than just coding and programming. They also develop several other cross-disciplinary skills. Here are 7 other benefits for computer science learners.

Computational Thinking

Coding requires a higher level of thinking, including problem solving, decision making, cause and effect situations, and if-this-then-that logic. More than just typing formulas of letters and numbers, this computational thinking can be taught to students at any age.

Creative Thinking

Any coding project can be completed in many different ways and achieve the same result. Therefore, each student will be able to put their own creative thinking into the project and develop innovative ideas to successfully achieve their end goals.


Yes, even CS can incorporate SEL! When coding, you first must start by thinking about how others will relate to the project. Students will need to have consideration and empathy for others, and be able to recognize problems and create helpful solutions with their coding project.


As mentioned above, coding is not a formula you can plug in and go. Students will be required to practice, try things out, modify as necessary, and try again. Oftentimes, overcoming the challenge is what makes programming so much fun for students. They also learn to develop discipline, tenacity, and perseverance through the consistent trial-and-error process.

Academic Success

More than just learning how to code, CS can help students in other content areas and at home. Coding teaches students how to identify problems and find solutions, which is helpful in other classes such as math and science. It also provides them with skills to enhance their ability to learn new information and become creative problem solvers.

Technology Skills

Although today's students are nearly born with technology in their hands, they must still develop the skills to use advanced technology and to use it appropriately. By practicing CS now, they'll be more inclined to discover, create, and use new innovations in the future.

Collaboration Skills

Coding may seem like a solo activity, but it should require collaborative work. Sharing ideas with other students helps each one see how there can be many ways to achieve the same outcome, and some students may find a solution that others didn't think of. Interacting with peers and instructors helps students improve social and communication skills, as well as building their confidence in their own abilities.

Enhance the Computer Science Program in Your School

Many schools already have a computer science program in their curriculum, but it’s never a bad idea to reassess and upgrade tools and techniques as new technology becomes available. When you’re ready to take your CS program to the next level, take a look at our computer science products for schools. From electronics project kits to robotics and many other STEM subjects, we have a wide range of items for students at any age or ability level. Not sure what you need? Contact us online or call us at 1-800-831-5904 and we’ll be happy to discuss your CS goals and find the right solutions for you!