4 Reasons to Use Coding Manipulatives in Your STEM Classroom

4 Reasons to Use Coding Manipulatives in Your STEM Classroom

Children have been playing with blocks for centuries, so the concept is easy for students to understand. When paired with modern technology, these blocks become coding manipulatives that provide a bridge to more in-depth computer science activities.

With no need for other devices, children can use these STEM toys to learn kinesthetic coding in a way that is adaptable to any existing coding curriculum. Not only does this help develop their critical thinking skills, it also offers the following four benefits.

Makes Abstract Ideas Tangible

Computer science is full of algorithms, functions, conditions and other abstract concepts that are unfamiliar and confusing to students. Coding manipulatives give them a way to construct tangible models of these abstract coding ideas. This way, they learn the fundamentals of computer programming at an early age, and can build on that knowledge in subsequent years.

Turns the Digital World Into Physical

As technology advances, learning becomes more digital, and the pandemic made this a necessary solution. With coding manipulatives in the classroom you can return to digital ideas being represented physically. When students can touch, move around, build up, and break down these STEM toys, they physically act out these computer programs and learn the basics of digital coding.

Builds Students' Confidence

The abstract concepts behind computer science can leave students feeling doubtful about their ability to master coding and programming. Hands-on educational toys help them solve problems and give them a way to test and confirm their reasoning. Having this physical evidence of how their thinking works gives them confidence and a more robust understanding of the concepts in this intimidating subject.

Makes Learning Computer Science Fun

It’s much easier for younger students to learn by physically doing something, rather than simply reading, listening, and completing worksheets. That’s why hands-on STEM products for schools are the perfect tools! These interesting shaped blocks allow students to learn the basics of computer coding in a fun and engaging way. Coding manipulatives are ideal for intriguing and motivating small groups in engaging activities and letting students explore ideas to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Educational Toys for Computer Science

Teaching computer science has become a must for many school districts already, and will continue to be implemented in schools across the country. Get your students started with the fundamentals from a young age by offering coding manipulatives in your STEM classrooms.