4 Welding Safety Supplies Your Students Need

4 Welding Safety Supplies Your Students Need

Welding and metalworking have become essential skills, thanks to the rise in popularity of creative projects like metal art and DIY items. But it’s also useful for functional applications like automotive fabrication and construction. These skills have made so many things possible that we use every day.

Teaching the next generation these skills will further propel this creative and technical development to forward progress. Ensuring students know how to weld safely is the best place to start. Take a look at this quick list of items for keeping students safe in your welding or metalworking classroom.

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Flipping your lens up and down between welds is inefficient and opens up the risk for injury. With an auto-darkening helmet, you don’t have to worry! Newer models are much improved from their predecessors, so if you haven’t tried an auto-darkening welding helmet lately, now’s a good time!

As soon as an arc is struck, the auto-darkening filter lens and sensor will activate. You’ll still be able to see what you’re working on, but your eyes will be protected from any arc flash hazards.

If you’re just starting out with auto-darkening welding helmets, you can’t go wrong with the cost-efficient models from Forney and Sellstrom. For something a little more robust, Sellstrom offers additional features in its Advantage Plus and Premium series helmets.

Welding Gloves

Keeping hands and fingers safe is a crucial part of welding safety. A good pair of gloves can protect you from electrical shock, burns and radiation. They also provide resistance to abrasions and a better grip on your workpiece.

Midwest offers several great options for welding gloves from Steiner and Miller. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective option, MIG welding gloves, TIG gloves, or a premium option, we have a wide selection available.

Safety Glasses

Although a quality welding helmet will provide some eye protection, it’s always recommended that students wear safety glasses under their helmets as well. This offers additional protection from flying metal or sparks while welding and metalworking. Safety glasses are also helpful when using abrasives like cutting and grinding discs, or anytime there’s sparks and flying debris around.

A good pair of safety glasses will certainly do the trick, but welding safety glasses offer additional benefits for your students.

Welding Jacket and Fire-Resistant Clothing

Following school dress codes should ensure that your students enter your classroom with the right clothing, but fire-resistant clothing and welding jackets are important additions. Welding and metalworking have their own hazards, just as many other classrooms in your school, so keeping your students as safe as possible is key to a successful lesson.

Does Your Classroom Have These Welding Safety Supplies?

There is no limit to the number of things you can do to keep kids safe in school. These 4 items are a great place to start in your welding classroom. If you’re looking for other welding safety supplies or have any questions, please let us know! We’ll be happy to help you ensure your students are as safe as can be while learning about all the wonderful things they can do with welding and metalworking skills.