Arduino CTC Go! Core Module

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M189903 AKX00015
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Get kids engaged in cross-curricular STEAM subjects by teaching them how to use technology as a tool and apply that knowledge to the real world. CTC GO! uses project-based learning that enables students to design, create, and test their own projects and experiments. This Core Module is designed for beginners and includes 8 lessons, 8 guided projects, and 6 self-guided projects. Lessons start with the basics and increase in difficulty up to learning different programming capabilities and building circuits for different sensors and actuators. The easy-to-follow instructions provide students with a practical and collaborative approach in a playful and hands-on learning environment. They'll create, learn, and thrive as they learn how to use electronics and an introduction to programming and coding.

Ages: 12-18
Contains all the materials you need to teach 24 students during 20 sessions of 45 minutes each.

Access to the Arduino Education Learning Management System
8 Arduino UNO Wifi Boards (rev 2)
8 Arduino Education Shields
8 USB cables
10 piezos
10 ultrasonic sensors
8 batteries (9V) with leads and DC plugs
130 LEDs of various colors (red, green, blue, yellow)
10 potentiometers
80 resistors (220 ohms)
40 resistors (10 K ohms)
8 breadboards
8 mini breadboards
2 springs
2 phototransistors
260 jumper wires (male to male)
100 jumper wires (female to male)
20 jumper wires (female to female)
8 rolls of copper tape (20 cm)
4 steel balls
16 push buttons
16 arcade buttons
modular assembly pieces
molded storage and sorting boxes

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