Designing a Welding Classroom

Designing a Welding Classroom

Designing a successful welding classroom comes down to having an efficient layout and the right supplies. If you’re building a brand new school, you’ll have a lot more say in what goes where and how to stock the room. If you’re overhauling an existing space, you’ll have a few restrictions to work around. Regardless of your situation, here are the top five categories to look at when shopping for your welding classroom.


It all starts with a proper welding table. Since this item will be used by many students for long periods of time, it’s important that it’s stable and comfortable. Look for tables with adjustable heights to accommodate sitting and standing, short and tall students.

The size of the table will also be important. You want it large enough for students to have enough room to work, but still be able to fit in your designated space without crowding.

Most welding tables come with a variety of accessories to make welding projects easier. Consider the options you’d like to have and what comes with the table you’re considering.

Finally, how portable do you want your welding table to be? If you think students will remain mostly in the same place with heavier projects, a standard or wall-mounted welding table will be more satisfactory. However, if they’ll be moving around the room a lot, a portable table can make the classroom much easier to navigate.


A welding booth should be large enough for one student to comfortably manage their workpiece and tools. In some cases, you may want a booth that’s large enough for a student and teacher, but in most cases you’ll be fine with a one-person booth.

Welding booths are either free-standing or wall-mounted. Depending on the set-up of your classroom, you may be able to build a line of booths against a wall if you have enough electrical outlets. If not, you may need a free-standing group in the middle of the classroom. Regardless, always ensure there is a safe way to observe students while in the booth.

Booth Add-On

Fitting several welding workstations into a small classroom may seem dangerous, but the 16 gauge metal walls of these welding booth add-ons provides the highest level of protection. Save some money by purchasing an add-on to create each additional station instead of an entire booth. The add-on you choose will match the original booth you decide on, whether that’s a free-standing unit or a wall-mounted one. With a row of booths, it’s easy to walk from one station to the next to observe students’ work.


Enhance the creativity of your students by supplying them with a range of welding tools. The basic items each student will need include: angle grinder, discs, wire cutters, combo wrenches, wire brushes, and a chipping hammer. Of course, they’ll also need a tool box or other organization system for storing these items.

Safety Equipment

A welding classroom can be a dangerous place without the proper safety equipment. Ensure you have enough of the following items for each student: auto-darkening helmet, cutting/welding glasses, gloves, and jacket.

Let’s Get Welding

With a properly outfitted and stocked welding classroom, you can share the skills you’ve learned with the next generation. Let Midwest Technology Products be part of that story. We offer a wide range of welding tools and furniture for projects big and small. Shop our website today or contact our Sales Team for more details.