Velleman Electronic Parts Pack for Arduino DISCONTINUED

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M949272 VMA503

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This product has been discontinued. Midwest can source a wide range of items not listed on our web site or in our catalog. Please call customer service for details at (800) 831-5904.

Bring your imagination's creations to life with the Velleman VMA503: Electronic Parts Pack for Arduino. This kit includes parts and components designed to be compatibile with your Arduino Uno.


1 x Breadboard
1 x Plastic plate
30 x Breadboard jumper wire
8 x Colored push buttons (red, green, blue, yellow)
40 x Jumper pins
38 x Colored LEDs (red, green, blue, yellow)
2 x RGB LEDs
10 x 22pF capacitors
10 x 100pF capacitors
10 x 10nF capacitors
10 x 100nF capacitors
10 x 100µF capacitors
1 x Trim potentiometer
2 x LDR
2 x Diodes
1 x LM35 temperature sensor
1 x Photodiode
1 x SN74HC595N 8-bit shift registers
1 x Resistor set
1 x Servo motor
1 x 4-digit 7 segment display
1 x 1-digit 7 segment display
1 x 8 x 8 LED dot display

Arduino Uno sold separately.