Velleman Arduino Compatible DIY Kit with Uno R3

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M949270 VMA501

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DIY basic starter kit for Arduino®.

1 x ATmega328 Uno Development Board (VMA100)
15 x LED (different colors)
8 x 220 Ohm resistor (RA220E0)
5 x 1K resistor (RA1K0)
5 x 10K resistor (RA10K0)
1 x 830 hole breadboard
1 x RGB LED module (VMA318)
4 x 4-pin key switch
1 x Active buzzer (VMA319)
1 x Passive buzzer
1 x 1838 IR Infrared 37.9Khz Receiver (VMA317)
1 x Infrared remote control
1 x Infrared sensor diode
1 x LM35 temperature sensor (LM35DZ)
2 x Ball tilt switch (similar to MERS4 & MERS5)
3 x Photosenitive resistor LDR (similar to LDR04)
1 x 74HC595 Shift register (HC595)
1 x Battery holder for 6 AA batteries (similar to BH363B)
1 x 8*8 LED Matrix display
1 x Single digit 7 segment LED display
1 x 4 digit 7 segment LED display
30 x Breadboard jumper wire
1 x USB cable