THAMES & KOSMOS Space Farm Project Kit

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Geeks in space! Explore what it would take to set up an extraterrestrial farm on another planet. Experiment with a nutrient gel to grow garden cress in hydroponic tubes without soil. In the greenhouse dome, grow the alien-like succulent Tiger's Jaws (Faucaria tigrina). Find out what plants need in order to grow and how those things might be provided on another world. Geekstronaut figures tend to your space farm while it grows.

For ages 8+.

Experiments: 4

You will also need: scissors, water, thermometer, paper towels, one large and two small glass bowls, bottled water, microwave or cooking pot and stove, potholders, jelly jar with lid, cotton, wool, materials for transplanting plants in the future, balloon, glue, string, paper towel or paper tissue, ruler and ball, sold separately.