Strawbees Coding & Robotics Kit

SKU: M866604 CRR-EN-V2
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M866604 CRR-EN-V2

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This product has been discontinued. However, we may be able to find a suitable replacement. Please call customer service for details at (800) 831-5904.

The Quirkbot makes your Strawbees creations come to life. Together, they are the world’s best combination for engineering to programming progression. By learning how to code, you can make a banana piano, an interactive bridge, or make your wearables light up. The Coding & Robotics kit includes Strawbees, servos, light sensors, LEDs and the Quirkbot itself. And you don’t need to worry batteries as the Quirkbot have a built-in one.

  • Bring out the #Technologist in you and start creating what you want with Strawbees.
  • Get a completely open-ended robotics kit with 200 pieces and electronic component to build and program amazing robots!
  • Learn about electronics and coding with motors, sensors and LEDs!
  • Solve problems by modifying your creations or change the code to make your ideas work.
  • Ideal for playing alone or with a couple of friends.
  • Experiment with different materials. Combine pieces to create hinges, movable joints or whatever you can imagine.
  • Unlimited fun! Our connectors & straws are reusable. When you finish building, you can disassemble your creations and use them to create something new.
  • Use Strawbees to explore STEAM.
  • Connectors & straws are recyclable so that you make no waste.

For ages 10+.

Includes Quirkbot, servo backpack, servo motor, mini screwdriver, electric Strawbee, light sensors, dual colored LEDs, USB cable, servo extension cable, 6 alligator clips, guide booklet assorted Stawbees and 100 straws.

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