Root Robotics Root RT1 Coding Robot, 6-Pack

SKU: M769705 RT601
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M769705 RT601

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For educators building a coding and robotics program at their school, the Root® Classroom Pack is the best way to get started. It includes 6 robots and supplies for small groups of students to share. You'll also receive the Learning Level 1 activity pack which has 30 lessons and 22 projects. Use these as activity cards or handouts to teach: introduction to coding and related concepts, getting to know the Root® robot, touch interaction, drawing, loops and patterns, wheel speeds, color identification, and sensing and responding.

Qty: robot 6-pack

Battery: 2600 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery

32 Color sensors
4 Capacitive touch zones
2 Front bumpers
2 Light-sensing eyes
2 Wheel encoders
Power button
3D gyroscope
3D accelerometer
IR cliff sensor
Battery level monitor

2 Drive motors
4 Large multicolor LEDs
Piezoelectric speaker
Marker lift and drop motor
Eraser lift and drop motor

External Connectors:
Charging cable port
2 Charging contacts

6 robots
12 dry erase markers
6 charging cables
6 sticker sets
6 foldout whiteboards
6 microfiber cloths
printable Learning Level 1 activity pack
1 year of premium content for up to 6 devices