Qubits 84-Piece Building Set

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M684300 QUBIT84

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This product is ready-made for your Makerspace, STEM or STEAM classrooms. Random colors. It includes the full-color instruction sheet for inspiring construction project ideas. Each kit is complete with all the Qubits and Bridge pieces you need to build a wide assortment of projects. The more parts you get, the more possibilities you have.

Qubits are a Construction Toy alternative that not only helps your child understand modular design and geometric shapes, but are fun as well. Qubits are easily assembled and have the ability to create a variety of absolutely AMAZING shapes. Qubits are unique in the way that they assemble with the use of just (2) different shapes! It is a lesson in modular forms. Good toys play together! Fuel your imagination with these connection pieces. Everyone can play with this toy because there is no limit to what can be made. The Qubits toy is strong and can be played with by sending it down a slope, stairway or just tossing it across the carpet to see it roll. Build a bridge across the countertops in your kitchen, the challenges are endless.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Design Process, it includes the following steps: defining the problem, collecting information, brainstorming and analyzing ideas, developing solutions and building a prototype, getting feedback, and continual improvement of the design. It is within the Design Process methodology that teachers can begin to explore and give students various opportunities to work with different kinds of materials to solve problems. In this context, Qubits are ideal when working on the design process with students. You will find by using Qubits it's easy to make geometric shapes as well as bridges and towers but primarily it's up to your imagination. Each Qubit has two, three-pronged connectors on each geometric shape that makes it easy to connect the various parts together. No dangerous Magnets.

Keep your toys clean and germ-free. 100% USDA Food Grade Polypropylene allows you to wash Qubits on the top rack of your dishwasher. No need for the heated dry cycle, just dry them with a towel.

For ages: 6 to 18