PicoTurbine SKY-Z Limitless Wind Turbine Complete AC & DC Lab

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M681519 PT-02026

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Small Scale AC or DC Wind Turbine provides a fun and educational way for your students to learn about alternative energy.

Power Generation: 

  • Creates up to 6V DC output of power using the DC motor 
  • Creates up to 4-6V output of power using the DIY Generator with Magnets and Coils to create magnetic induction 
  • Use the 6" or 8" blades to generate power and use the pitch angles built into the Hub for different configurations to maximize your power output 
  • Use the STEM Blade adaptors and dowels to design your own blades 
  • Change the height of your turbine using the small or large towers provided 
  • Comes with a LED & Piezo buzzer to showcase power output 
  • Use a Multimeter alternatively to show power output and run variable tests 
  • DIY Generator with Magnets and Coils that must be built 
  • Comes with 4 electricity labs to rectify your AC power from the coils & magnets into DC power


  • 1x SKY-Z Plastic & Metal Base Combined 
  • 1x Short Tower 
  • 1x Long Tower 
  • 1x Nacelle Base 
  • 1x Nacelle Front 
  • 1x Nose Cone 
  • 2x 6 Blade Hubs 
  • 6x 6 in. Blades 
  • 6x 8 in. Blades 
  • 1x Blade Adapter Setup
    • 6x STEM Blade Adapters 
    • 6x Small Dowels 
  • AC Generator Packet
    • 1x SKY-Z Coil Housing 
    • 1x Rotor Disc 
    • 4x Copper Coils 
    • 4x Pack Ceramic Magnets 
    • 1x Blue AC Shaft 
  • SKY-Z AC Screw Packet 
    • 4x Nacelle long screws 
    • 4x Nacelle long screw nuts 
    • 2x Sandpaper 
    • 2x black O-Rings 
    • 1x LEDs 
    • 4x Double Sided Tape 
  • DC Generator Packet
    • 1x Green DC motor Stand 
    • 1x 6V DC Motor
    • 1x Black & Red Alligator Clips
    • 1x Blue DC Shaft (hole)
    • 1x DC Screw Packet
    • Green DC motor clip 
    • 1x LED 
    • 1x 30 Ohm Resistor 
    • 1x Piezo Buzzer 
    • 4xnacelle long screws 
    • 4xNacelle long screw nuts 
    • 2x DC Motor clip screws 
    • 2x DC Motor clip nuts 
  • Rectification System
    • 400 point Solderless Breadboard 
    • 2x Capacitors 
    • 8x Male Wires 4 Black & 4 Green 
    • 4x diodes 
    • 1x Piezo Buzzer