Modular Robotics Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack

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M580600 CB-KT-EDUCC-1
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Support students on their journey through robotics and computational thinking. Creative Constructors is designed for all skill levels. Start with basic-building, then use the Bluetooth® Hat to connect with Cubelets apps for coding, data analysis, and more. Designed to support four student groups.

Cubelets make the principles of programming easy to learn and practice. Inside of each block is a part of a program – as you build your robot you build the code that controls its behavior. It’s hands-on coding!

Each Cubelet has a special function and belongs to one of three categories: SENSE Cubelets take in information from the robot’s environment. THINK Cubelets compute and change that information, and ACT Cubelets turn that information into physical action.

Connect at least one SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelet to create a robot construction.

Cubelets’ magnetic faces make them simple to snap together and pull apart. Each Cubelet has a special function. What you connect, and how you connect them changes the behavior of your robot constructions. Every combination is a new creation.

Every Cubelets set and pack includes access to free standards-aligned lesson plans, printable activity cards, online professional development, and more. 

Block by block, robot by robot, Cubelets help develop vital skills.

Ages 4+

  • Robotics basics.
  • Cause and effect.
  • Gross motor skills.
  • Speaking and questioning.
  • Sorting.
  • Sequencing.

Ages 7+

  • Computational Thinking.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Design and engineering basics.
  • Networking basics.
  • Collaboration skills.
  • Pattern recognition.

Ages 10+

  • Computer science basics.
  • Coding smarter.
  • Parallel programming.
  • Systems thinking.
  • Complexity basics.
  • Design thinking.
  • Networks.
  • Abstraction.

Ages: 4+
Supports: 4 student groups (3-5 students per group)


Brightness Cubelet (x4) Enable a construction to detect and respond to light.
Distance Cubelet (x8) Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects.
Knob Cubelet (x4) Build robot constructions with precise data value control.
Battery Cubelet (x4) Provide the energy needed to power robot constructions.
Inverse Cubelet (x4) Flip data values, making low values high and vice versa.
Passive Cubelet (x4) Build bigger robots, without modifying data values.
Threshold Cubelet (x4) Block data values below the selected threshold.
Bar Graph Cubelet (x4) Display block values on a 0–10 scale. Great for debugging.
Flashlight Cubelet (x4) Create constructions that shine a dimmable LED light.
Drive Cubelet (x8) Build robot constructions that navigate their world.
Rotate Cubelet (x4) Create constructions that whirl and twirl.
Bluetooth Hat (x4) Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects.
Brick Adapters (x8) Add style and expand building capabilities with LEGO® or other brick building toys. Includes Four "studs" and four "sockets" adapters.
Cubelets Container (x1) A durable padded place to store and transport your Cubelets.
Multi-Battery Charger (x1) Charge up to five Battery Cubelets at a single time. It's great for classroom management.
Micro-USB Charging Cable (x4) Recharge your Battery Cubelet to power your robot constructions for hours on end.